Debris Pickup

Crews continue working diligently to pick up debris left behind from Hurricane Harvey.

See the Area maps to see if your area will be visited within the next three weeks. Check here often for continuous updates.

Private Property Debris Removal for Homeowners Affected By Hurricane Harvey

FEMA-4332-DR-TX Disaster Recovery Reconstruction Debris

Governor Abbott Joins Kubota To Announce Hurricane Relief Donation



  • Place brush, construction, and bulky items in one pile for collection
  • Set out fence posts with concrete attached but no loose concrete will be collected
  • Cut large tree branches into smaller pieces
  • Create a separate pile for household appliances (refrigerators and freezers should not contain any food items and have their doors removed for safety)
  • Call 361-790-0121 to have refrigerators picked up. All other appliances can be taken to the transfer station free of charge.


  • Place debris under power lines or low hanging trees
  • Park cars or place obstructions near curbside brush which will prevent cleanup crews from removing items safely and efficiently
  • Place hazardous waste out as it is not being collected but household hazardous waste can be taken to the transfer station. Contractors must dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with the rules.
  • Block storm drains when setting brush out for curbside pickup
  • Block sidewalks and driveways when setting brush out for curbside pickup