Debris Pickup Status Updates

The deadline for residents to place storm related debris at the curb to be picked up by the county has officially ended as of midnight, March 14th, 2018.  Any dumping of debris will be considered a violation of “Public Dumping Laws” and will be handled as a potential violation of the law.  Debris removal crews have initiated the final collection phase across the County.

Judge Mills of Aransas County stated, “We are grateful for the assistance FEMA and the State of Texas have provided in paying this large bill for the debris clean-up efforts following the Hurricane. To date, the total bill for debris collection alone is in the range of $35-36 Million dollars and counting! Our community could not have possibly paid for this type of massive clean-up on our own.”

Nearly 3.4 million cubic yards of debris have been collected by Aransas County crews since efforts first began in September 2017.

If you have any questions contact Long Term Recovery Information at (361) 790-9496 or