Online Right of Entry Form Instructions

In order to expedite your Private Property Debris Removal claim through the County, you may optional submit your Right of Entry Form online, by following this link. In order to successfully fill out form and submit it online, you must have the following information readily available.

You will need the full address of the property you are requesting action to be taken on, an email address, and a copy of your valid Government Issued ID, a picture will work; you must also provide contact information for any Insurance Company with whom you hold a policy that would cover such services as debris removal or demolition of the structure.

If you are requesting Demolition Services because of unsafe conditions of the structure(s) on the property, you will also be required to submit a copy of the Tax Statement from the Aransas County Tax Office as well as any Mortgage Holder or Lien Holder contact information.

You further understand that an individual who fraudulently or willfully misstates any fact in connection with this agreement may be subject to penalties under state and federal law, including civil penalties, imprisonment for not more than five years, or both, as provided under 18 USC 1001.